Bar Hemingway's signature cocktail, the French 75, looks deceptively mild but is said to have quite a kick

A historic watering hole named after its most famous and perhaps most loyal client, Ernest Hemingway, the Bar Hemingway is a small, intimate enclave at the rear of the five-star hotel, frozen nostalgically and elegantly in the 1920s.

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In homage to the novelist, the bar is distinctly masculine and stately, with studded leather armchairs, a wood-paneled bar, and a horned animal head hanging proudly on the wall. Vintage typewriters, handwritten letters and portraits of Hemingway likewise line the walls.

Since taking helm of the bar in 1994, Colin Field has become the face of Paris's legendary watering hole, going on to be named the world's greatest bartender by Forbes magazine, and creating a barman program for France's Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) program at the Sorbonne. The MOF program recognises the best tradesmen and women in their category in France.

Colin Field's favourite spirits include Jura whisky, Calvados Christian Drouin and the Tanqueray 10 gin, though he is also partial to the Beefeater 24 

Field shares his recipe for the French 75, a classic cocktail that's said to have such a kick, it feels like being shelled by a French 75mm field gun.

It's also the perfect foil for a dinner party or Sunday brunch. To recreate this classic tipple, Field emphasises the importance of serving the drink in a highball glass—not a champagne flute—to replicate the field gun used in the First World War.

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2cl gin
1cl lemon juice
1 tablespoon sugar
Half a lemon
Half an orange or clementine
Champagne to top

Dissolve sugar in gin and lemon juice. Add lemon and orange slices. Top with champagne.

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