We seldom see much of a boldly creative approach when it comes to baked mooncakes, and for good reason. The same, however, cannot be said about their snowskin alternatives, which have also earned their place in our mid-Autumn feasts.

How can we resist the yearly showcase of culinary prowess and imagination, as chefs continue to surprise with unique and sometimes wacky concoctions most of us wouldn’t dream of pairing but are actually delicious. Here are just some of them.


Photo: TWG Tea

The Lotus Jade Tea Mooncake Collection
What do you do when you have access to some of the best teas in the world? For chefs at TWG Tea, it's doing what comes naturally—come up with new tea-infused delights, such as this year's assortment from The Lotus Jade Tea Mooncake Collection. The Moonlight, for instance, is a lip-smacking concoction of white chocolate and Nashi pear marmalade infused with Jade tea for that subtle flowery taste; and Blossom, which is also made with white chocolate but paired with tangy apricot marmalade and Geisha Blossom tea for a refreshing aftertaste.

Available from August 31 to October 4 at all TWG Tea Salons and Boutiques in Singapore. Visit twgtea.com.

Shang Palace

Photo: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Mini Eight Treasures Gift Set
Executive pastry chef Herve Potus’ latest offerings come in a mini "eight treasure" gift set, including two contemporary snowskin flavours. The Yuzu Bird’s Nest is a refreshing option, with premium bird’s nest in its core, enveloped in a silky and tangy yuzu filling. The Chocolate Salted Toffee, in contrast, is made with a more classic blend of cocoa milk chocolate, dark chocolatee and sea salt toffee, and is perfect for chocolate lovers.

Available from July 1 to October 2 at the hotel lobby and restaurant. For orders and enquiries, 6213 4398/4473, email shangpalace.sls@shangrila.com or visit slsfestive.oddle.me.

Marina Bay Sands

Photo: Marina Bay Sands

Attap Seed & Yam
The first thing you’ll notice with Marina Bay Sands’ mooncake collection is the exquisite white box resembling an Oriental treasure trove complete with golden lotus motifs. But the real gem is inside, alongside an array of delicious snowskin flavours. Making its debut this year is the locally-inspired Attap Seed & Yam mooncake, studded with young palm seeds and reminiscent of our favourite ice kachang dessert. Every bite gives you a burst of sweet, nutty notes without being cloying.

Available from September 1 to October 4 at Marina Bay Sands’ Hotel Lobby Tower 3.  For orders and enquiries, please call 6688 8588, email Mooncakes@MarinaBaySands.com or click here.

JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

Photo: JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

Chocolate XO Liquor Truffle Mooncake
Nothing seems more indulgent than a pairing of chocolate and truffles, which makes JW Marriott’s chocolate truffle collection one of our must-tries this year. Those with a sweet tooth will surely be fans of the Chocolate XO Liquor Truffle Mooncake; it’s sweet and slightly bitter, thanks to the dark chocolate shell that cracks open to reveal rich and velvety dark chocolate lotus paste. The cognac-infused dark chocolate ganache in the centre provides a delectable alcoholic kick at the end; so good, it's addictive!

Available from August 14 to October 4 only at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach. For orders and enquiries, please call  6818 1908 or email jw.sinjw.mooncake@marriott.com


Photo: CreatureS

Durian Porcelain Snowskin Mooncakes
CreatureS gives established restaurants a run for their money with how well it creates durian-inspired delicacies. Take, for example, the durian porcelain mooncakes loaded with the freshest premium Mao Shan Wang wrapped in a velvety soft snowskin. The latter has a unique, marbled blue design, owing to the butterfly pea flowers, a natural colouring used in some Peranakan kuehs. Each one, painstakingly handmade by the chefs upon order, also has a different pattern .

Available from August 1 to October 4 at CreatureS. For orders and enquiries, please call 6291 6996 / 8876 3670 or email eat@creatures.com.sg. Visit creatures.com.sg.

Fairmont Singapore

Golden Caramel Crunch
Its tiffany-coloured shell may lead you to think it’s a fruity flavour, but bite into the soft mooncake to reveal the sweet and crunchy feuilletine chocolate balanced with the creaminess of the milk couverture. It’s a classic in its own right and one the entire family will love.

Available from August 24 to October 1 at Fairmont Singapore and designated booths in Singapore. For orders and enquiries, please call 6338 8785 or email fairmontsingapore.mooncakes@fairmont.com. Visit celebrationscentral.com.sg.

Raffles Singapore

Strawberry Yoghurt And Crunchy White Chocolate Pearl Snow-Skin Mooncake
When we think of Raffles Singapore, we immediately think of its signature champagne truffle and ganache mooncake. But the chefs here have launched another new flavour, which could very well be a hit with the sweet-toothed. It first catches your attention with its delicate pink shell that hides the delectable surprise—a perfect combination of strawberry yoghurt and crunchy white chocolate pearl flavours. It comes in vibrant purple boxes, making for ideal gifts this Mid-Autumn festival, too.

Available from August 20 to October 4 at the Martini Bar at Bar & Billiard Room, Raffles Singapore. For orders and enquiries, please call 6412 1122, email mooncake@raffles.com. Visit rafflesmooncake.com.

Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

Photo: Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

Mini Snowskin White Lotus Seed Paste With Strawberry Sea Salt Truffle
Many of us just can’t get enough of strawberry-flavoured deliciacies, which makes Li Bai’s newest snowskinf mooncake one of our top picks this year. Not only does it look gorgeous, we also get a surprise—utterly tender white lotus seed paste balanced with the sweetness of strawberries and a touch of sea salt.

Available from September 4 to October 4 at Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel Lobby and selected mooncake booths. For enquiries and reservations, please call 6839 5623 or email mooncake@sheratonsingapore.com. Visit sheratonsingapore.com.

Crowne Plaza

Photo: Crowne Plaza

Salted Green Bean With Taro
This is another Asian-inspired snowskin offering that's easy to love, once you get a taste of its savoury green bean paste paired with a burst of sweet purple yam mash in the centre.

Available from now until October 4 at the Lobby Lounge of Crowne Plaza Chang Airport and selected malls. For orders and enquiries, please call Lobby Lounge at 6823 5367 or email lobbylounge.cpca@ihg. Visit changiairport.crowneplaza.com.

Summer Palace

Photo: Regent Singapore

Pineapple Pink Peppercorn And Cinnamon Red Bean
While we can agree that pineapple shouldn’t be a topping for pizza, done well, it makes for a captivating mooncake flavour. The chefs at Summer Palace did the fruit justice by presenting it as a tangy and delicate pineapple paste studded with dried bits of the fruit, wrapped over a peppery pink peppercorn chocolate pearl core. A delicious combo that boasts a surprise kick. 

Available from now until October 4. For orders and enquiries, please call 65 6725 3239 or email foodbeverage.rsn@fourseasons.com. Visit regenthotels.com.

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