0- MAIN IMAGE - Etna - Pasta with Scallop.jpg -Warm and jovial hospitality is something that top Italian restaurants have down pat. Etna Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria have that box ticked, along with serving delicious, authentic Southern Italian dishes.


Etna Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria have two outlets in Singapore – one on Duxton Road and one on Upper East Coast Road. Executive Chef Anna Borrasi, who is Singapore’s only female Group Executive Chef, leads both outlets.


The outlet at Duxton Road is welcoming and cosy. The atmosphere is semi-fine dining, with crisp white tablecloth and dim candles gently lighting each table. At the back of the restaurant, there is a brick pizza oven that fires up some of the most authentic Italian pizza we have had in Singapore. You’ll have to eat it in true Italian style too - with a knife and fork.


Nearly all of the ingredients used in their dishes are sourced directly from Italy – including fresh Italian seafood, which we loved. The spaghetti with Sicilian sea urchin and Sardinian cured mullet roe is delicious. The dish shows off the fresh flavours of the Mediterranean Sea. The sea urchin lends a sweet creaminess to the dish, while the mullet roe adds a briny bite that lingers on your palate. Also terrific is the baked whole sea bass from Orbetello. The fish is prepared simply – stuffed with fresh sprigs of herbs and served with fresh lemon.


A must-try is the pizza. If you’re a Parma ham fan, make space for the signature Etna pizza. It is served with porcini mushrooms, Parma ham, minced pistachio and two types of cheese – mozzarella and cream. The porcini mushrooms and pistachio add an interesting earthy element to the pizza.


On the dessert menu, you’ll find your Italian favourites. However, the tiramisu is updated with crushed pistachio and pistachio cream. The panna cotta is super-creamy and is served with a mango coulis and tart mixed berries.


50 Duxton Road. Tel: 6220 5513

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