Min Jiang At One North Celebrates Heritage Delights

Your grandparents could attest to the fact that the 60s to 80s were some of the golden years in Singapore’s dining scene, with the iconic dishes created by popular Chinese restaurants. While we can’t travel back to the past, we can relive this era for two months at Min Jiang at One North.

Master chef Goh Chee Kong says, “I am happy that my guests will have the opportunity to try distinctive creations that made an impact in the dining scene then.” He will present nine dishes crafted using traditional recipes and prepared with modern finesse. Get started on the double boiled whole winter melon with eight treasures; The Heritage Treasures Platter; and Golden Fortune ‘Kampong Chicken’.

Offer: Jul 01, 2017 - Aug 31, 2017

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Start Date Jul 01, 2017
End Date Aug 31, 2017
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