Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse


Date of reviewJun 08, 2016
Cuisine Italian - Steak
LocationOrchard Road

25 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 238969, Orchard Road, Singapore

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Lunch hours

Tue-Sun 12pm-2pm

Dinner hours

Mon-Sun 6pm-10pm

Dress Code

Smart Casual


$50/Bottle or 1-for-1 Deal





Private Room


Accept Credit Card


Smoking Area




Ensconced in a two-storey shophouse, the restaurant décor is designed in wood and earthy tones. The visual approach is bold and welcoming at the same time. The furnishing accents are a bit heavy, but that works in its favour because it is a steakhouse. The tableware, glassware and linens are simple and functional. Lighting is sufficient, if not creative. Furniture arrangement gives enough privacy for each table and in that regard, the owners have done well given the narrow, constricted layout of a shophouse.


The appetiser of grilled octopus is served with charred rocket leaves and finely julienned lemon rind. The octopus comes in generous chunks that are smoky, tender and deliciously memorable. 

A must-try dish of the evening, the rabbit tortellini looks simple until you have a mouthful. The braised rabbit, foie gras, slice of tuffle on top and the creamy sauce merge into a powerful experience that is unforgettable. 

The star of the restaurant—the Bistecca alla Fiorentina—is beautifully charred and juicy pink when it makes its appearance. The promise of tenderness and flavour is delivered with every bite; the dish is further enhanced by the two sauces and two kinds of mustards. The portion is very large and should satisfy two to three diners. 

For the dessert, the rhubarb and yoghurt gelato is the recommended choice. Rhubarb is slow cooked in sugar and cooled, then served with fresh strawberries and orange segments. The sweet and tart compote is then served with yoghurt gelato and laced with 12-year-old balsamic vinegar. A successful and refreshing dessert to round up the meal indeed.


The wine list is generous, with more than 120 labels of Italian wines specially chosen to pair with the Tuscan offerings of the restaurant. There are also many choices for house pours—over a dozen choices in all. What the restaurant lacks in geographical variation, they make up for with their focus on good Italian wines. There is a sommelier on duty six nights a week if diners wish to pair their food selections with specific wines. The wines are, however, on the expensive side.


Service is brisk, efficient, perfunctory. Telephone bookings are easy to make and the welcome upon entry seems too rehearsed, instead of warm or welcoming. Even while seated near the service passageway, it is sometimes difficult to get the staff’s attention. Staff are, however, knowledgeable in explaining the menu and in wine recommendations.

Price   $$$$$

Overall, a rather pricey place to eat in. Even most of the wines are on the high side. If you have the means, and it’s a special occasion, by all means, go for it!