Date of reviewJun 05, 2016
Cuisine Asian - Local Singaporean
LocationOrchard Road

333 Orchard Road Level 5 Orchard Wing Mandarin Orchard Singapore Singapore 235567 , Orchard Road, Singapore

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Opening Hours

Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

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The restaurant looks like a normal hotel restaurant without much fancy or elaborate design. There’s a mix of local and international guests. If you prefer a slightly more romantic dinner, opt for the seats by the windows overlooking the busy streets of Orchard Road.


The chicken rice at Chatterbox is a renowned signature for all the right reasons—the rice is fragrant, meat is tender and juicy and the sauces—garlic, chilli and homemade dark soya sauce—are perfectly blended. Enjoy the dish the local way by mixing all three sauces with the rice, then top it off with a piece of meat. This is definitely one of the dishes that you’ll find hard to stop at just one mouthful. Also order a vegetable side to go along with it.

Another must-try is the lobster laksa. The generous portion is good for sharing between two diners. The chef uses a whole lobster to whip up this delectable dish. The soup smells heavenly and it’s thick and creamy in texture; there’s also the usual laksa ingredients like quail egg, tau pok and fish cake—it’s definitely worth the calories! Those who shun spicy dishes will be glad to know that this laksa has mild spiciness so it’s not exactly tongue-numbing.

Given the recent salted egg yolk craze, it’s no wonder Chatterbox has created their version of salted egg chicken wing. Unlike other stalls that don’t offer much salted egg yolk gravy, Chatterbox’s fried wings are drenched in sufficient sauce to make every bite finger-licking good. You may think that all the sauce may cause the meat to turn less crispy but that’s not the case. The insides are still crispy even after a while. Each serving comes with eight wings so you can share it with about two or three more other diners.

Lastly, don’t forget to try out their coconut ice cream freshly made in-house. Presented in a coconut shell, there are two scoops of coconut ice cream, rambutan, pineapple  as well as walnut and cocoa powder sprinkled on top of this dessert. The ice cream tastes creamy, sweet and fresh; there’s even coconut flesh in the ice cream.


There are only housepours here and it’s only one type of white and one type of red to go along with your meal. There’s nothing fanciful about the taste and we recommend ordering other drinks like coconut juice to go along with the dishes because they tend to be flavourful.


The staff here are extremely friendly and their services are prompt. The attendants pay close attention to all guests by refilling their glasses and replacing their cutleries swiftly. It was a very pleasant experience.

Price   $$$$$

Prices are around $35 per diner.