Date of reviewApr 26, 2016
Cuisine Asian - Fusion with a local accent
LocationOther Areas

120 Desker Road, Singapore 209639, Other Areas, Singapore

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Tue-Thu, Sun 12pm- 10.30pm Fri, Sat 12pm-11.30pm

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The restored corner terrace house retains its former charm, albeit with modern touches. The timber staircase and old world windows lend a traditional feel to the two-storey restaurant. Pots of plants decorated with lights are strategically placed to provide interesting shadow patterns on the ceiling and wall. 


The chef creates innovative dishes of Asian fusion with a local accent, such as miso cod with ulam onigiri. The onigiri have the appearance of Japanese rice-balls, but their filling is locally inspired using assorted herbs, belachan and assam. The result is a picture-perfect palate-pleasing sensation, especially when combined with delicate, flaky white cod. The crunchy cucumber salad in plum sauce and lime juice dressing makes for an interesting accompaniment to the dish. Roast duck and Chinese pear salad is highly recommended. The tender duck and thin crisp pear slices, nestled in butterhead lettuce leaves, are enlivened by whispers of mint and plum sauce. The keropok adds a welcome crunch to the dish. The slow-cooked belly pork that is babi pongteh, served with sentinel-like large fresh green chillies, is accompanied by French baguette slices with which to soak up the spicy gravy. For a luscious dessert, look no further than CreatureS chocolate cake. The large wedge of espresso chocolate sponge with its dark chocolate topping holds court in a golden caramel pond. The cake is ingeniously sprinkled with pink Himalayan sea salt for a delightful taste and textural sensation, offset by coconut ice cream. This is a place to appreciate deliciously creative taste bud delights.


The small wine list is adequate, plus there are specialty cocktails and home-brewed thirst quenchers such as lemongrass with pandan and tiger mint tea blend.


 Staff appear to genuinely enjoy being of service. Advise on the best way to enjoy dishes is readily forthcoming from friendly, professional servers.

Price   $$$$$

  • Expect to pay about $30 for lunch and $60 for dinner from the a la carte menu. A three-course weekday set lunch, with beverage, is available at $28 per person.