Crystal Jade Prestige


Date of reviewJun 05, 2016
Cuisine Chinese
LocationMarina District

02-01 Marina Bay Link (Ground Plaza), 8A Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018984, Marina District, Singapore

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Lunch hours

Mon-Fri 11.30am-3pm; Sat, Sun, PH 11am-3.30pm

Dinner hours

Mon-Sun, PH 6pm-10.30pm

Dress Code

Smart Casual







Private Room


Accept Credit Card


Smoking Area




This tastefully designed restaurant is elegant without being too fussily Chinese. The carpeting and paintings may be a little busy with prints and motifs, but the overall effect is impressive without being ostentatious. Lighting is well designed and sensitively thought out. Linens and cutlery are refined and of excellent quality. The food is served creatively plated on a wide array of porcelains that surprise and delight. Tables are set apart enough to afford privacy for diners. There are six private rooms that can hold two to 16 diners.


Begin the meal with a memorable appetiser. The deep-fried scallop with salted egg yolk is lightly battered, crispy and deliciously aromatic. The fritter is served with luscious avocado sauce and a small, chilled side salad tossed with organic tomatoes. 

The roasted baby suckling pig that arrives next has skin that is parchment thin, flavourful, crispy; it’s simply delicious. It’s eaten with small pancakes, spring onion, sliced chilies and sweet hoisin sauce. After the skin is consumed, the tender fillets of meat are fried with ginger and spring onions for a scrumptious second course. 

The tea smoked roasted duck boasts waxy, translucent, aromatic skin and meat that is carved off the duck and eaten with sweet sauce. The other portion of the smokily tender meat and skin is combined with spring onions, cucumber slivers and sweet sauce, and rolled into thin pancakes. 

One of the restaurant’s highly recommended soups, the double boiled morel mushroom soup in coconut features a delicious vegetarian broth with morels and bamboo pith. 

To wrap up the meal, the pan-fried fish noodle with scallops delivers a plate full of springy, chewy fried noodles redolent with the flavours of fish. The fried noodles pair perfectly with the plump, freshly-seared scallops.


In the wine list, there are more than 50 labels of Old and New World wines, which is reasonably generous for a Chinese restaurant. There are also four choices for house pours—two reds and two whites. Wines are served at the appropriate temperatures. The manager of the restaurant and some of the staff are able to do simple pairing of wines to key highlight dishes. However, there is no trained sommelier on duty for more in depth information on the wines offered.


Besides the great food, service is one of the key attractions of this restaurant. The telephone booking was handled warmly and professionally. From the moment a diner enters the restaurant, he is treated like a special guest. The wait staff make it a point to make the diner feel at home, and impressively, they are able to sense when elderly guests need help, jumping right in before a request is made. All done with a cheery and genuine smile.

Price   $$$$$

About $130 per head—but the price can go upwards depending on the number of premium dishes ordered. Quite a costly meal, but the food quality and sterling service make the experience well worth it.