Din Tai Fung


Date of reviewJun 23, 2016
Cuisine Chinese - Taiwanese
LocationOrchard Road

190 Orchard Road #B1-03 Paragon Shopping Centre Singapore 238859, Orchard Road, Singapore

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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 11am-10pm
Sat, Sun, PH 10am-10pm

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Private Room


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The restaurant still looks somewhat elegant but closer inspection shows the fraying edges of what was once a very sharp looking establishment. The tables are relatively close together, so there are limits to privacy. However, the thoughtful placement of a cloth container for handbags at each table is a good touch that will please diners. The tableware, linens and cutlery are standard for a decent Chinese restaurant. The lighting is relatively bright throughout the restaurant. Three private rooms seating about a dozen diners per room are available for private parties.


The oriental salad in special vinegar dressing is a refreshing start to a promising meal. It features shredded vegetables, bean sprouts, glass vermicelli and shredded black fungus tossed in a sour and savoury sauce. The dish could have done with a little more vinegar for additional tartness and kick.

The restaurant’s iconic steamed pork dumpling is flavourful and juicy with stock, with every dumpling meticulously pleated with expert precision. These are served with vinegar and very finely shredded ginger.

The steamed chicken soup is a bowl of pure comfort, redolent with hearty flavours from long hours of slow simmering. The soup tastes homemade and keeps us going back for more. 

Simply stunning, the steamed cod fillet is a memorable plate of tender, smooth deliciousness, steeped in its own fresh flavours and a superior soy sauce. 

The dinner rounds up perfectly with steamed custard buns oozing savoury sweet salted egg yolk custard. Be warned that these pretty little buns are temptingly addictive.


Not applicable.


This is a perpetually busy restaurant as it's the choice dining place of tourists or locals who want to savour delicious Chinese food at affordable prices. Hence, attendants will politely lead you to your table, take your orders and attend to other customers. Topping up of water or tea is done mechanically, sometimes you need to raise your hand to get their attention. 




Price   $$$$$

Excellent value for money. The food offered is reasonable indeed and well worth the money spent.