Fat Cow


Date of reviewMay 29, 2016
Cuisine Japanese - Steak
LocationOrchard Road

1 Orchard Boulevard #01-01/02 Camden Medical Centre Singapore 248649 , Orchard Road, Singapore

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Lunch hours

Mon-Sun 12pm-3pm

Dinner hours

Mon-Sun 6pm-11pm

Dress Code

Smart Casual







Private Room

2 semi-private

Accept Credit Card


Smoking Area




Fat Cow sticks to traditional Japanese minimalism with a contemporary décor that is dominated by muted soft colour tones and accented by dark wood. There is a front bar area where you can stay for some pre-dinner drinks, and when you’re ready for the main meal, the server will lead you to the dining room with an open kitchen and counter seats. Take a seat and watch the chefs in action while you wait for your dishes to be served.


Fat Cow—one of the best Japanese steak restaurants in town—doesn’t disappoint when it comes to serving well-marbled and succulent steaks. Tease the palate with lighter dishes and start the meal with the tai no kuro-toryufu—slices of white bream laced with truffle oil and topped with thin slices of black truffle. Fans of this exotic ingredient will be absolutely delighted with this amazing starter that combines the freshness of the seafood with the earthiness of the truffle.

The wagyu no sashimi to sudachi-shio has raw and ice cold slices of wagyu marinated in Japanese lime and lightly seasoned with sea salt flakes. The simple way it’s prepared allows the diners to taste the beef in its raw glory. 

The restaurant’s highlight is the charcoal grilled beef, and the selections are neatly categorised according to the amount of marbling. The choices include Saga (A3), Ohmi (A4) and Iwate (A5). There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing, but if you want the most tender option that seems to melt in your mouth—opt for the Iwate Grade A5 ribeye. The A4 Ohmi ribeye has less marbling, but it’s still high-grade meat that is so succulent when grilled right.


While the selection is not as extensive, the list is curated with the menu in mind. Wines by the glass consist of reds and whites, and there’s always a choice that will pair nicely with your dishes—especially with your beef. Other than the wines, the restaurant offers sake, sochu and umeshu.


Knowledgeable, professional and affable waitstaff appear unhurried despite the number of guests present during the review.

Price   $$$$$

There is the old adage that says that good things are not cheap. Fat Cow is an excellent choice for steaks. Expect to spend upwards of $150 per person for dinner excluding beverages. Lunch is a more economical option with prices ranging from $30 to $40.