Health is wealth, so they say, but when it comes to places selling and serving healthy food, the selection in Singapore is still quite poor. That was owner Claudia Sondakh’s concern a few years ago when she developed chronic sinus problems and fatigue. She didn’t have many options, so her friend challenged her to open a restaurant. Enter Plentyfull.

For her first foray into the dining scene, she wanted to create a “haven for relaxation where anyone can indulge in honest, comfort food”.  In that respect, she has succeeded. Plentyfull is a massive, modern, minimalist space that opens with a retail store and gourmet grocer well-stocked with organic produce and artisanal products from Little Farms.

Apart from the retail area, the 4,000 sqft space also has a restaurant that serves prix fixe lunches during the day and an a la carte menu come dinnertime. The ambience evolves from a busy weekday lunch destination to that of a casual brasserie in the evening.

Pumpkin pillow gnocchi

The food here changes according to season, but the menu also features mainstays such as the pumpkin pillow gnocchi. Following a treasured family recipe, this comforting bowl features pumpkin nuggets tossed in a butter and sage sauce. Given the richness of the sauce, there’s a danger of it being cloying, but head chef Victor Loy incorporated pop rice to add a textural element to each bite. It’s so addictive that we found ourselves cleaning the dish down to the last morsel.

Little Farms Vegetable Dip

Plentyfull’s mandate is to serve creative healthy food, so it’s not surprising that kitchen team’s forte is cooking vegetables. An example is the Little Farms Vegetable Dip, which showcases greens such as grilled broccoli and asparagus alongside homemade sunchoke, carrot with cumin, and chickpea dips. These are grilled skillfully and remained crunchy, with a hint of smokiness.  

Thai roasted chicken with garlic and cilantro dip 

The highlight of the mains is the Thai roasted chicken with garlic and cilantro. Chef Loy marinates the chicken for 24 hours ensuring the flavours are infused down to the bone. The effort definitely shows, with each succulent bite filled with a potent combination of sweet, spicy and tangy flavours. It’s always great to partake of beautifully-cooked chicken seen as there are plenty of dry, disappointing chicken dishes all around. 

There’s nothing to shout about the pan-fried barramundi, other than its visual appeal when plated with the broccoli and asparagus. Though the fish is fried nicely (with the requisite crispy skin), it would benefit from a touch of seasoning.

Dessert counter

But all is forgiven when the Devil’s Food Cake arrives. One big portion of rich and decadent sponge comes layered with Valrhona and chocolate ganache ending the meal on a high note.

Plentyfull | 01-79/80 Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard, S(039596) | Call 6493 2997 | Email to

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